The Craftsman

I started woodworking with my grandpa in his garage - homemade jigs, hand tools, and a Shop Smith Mark V.  The first project I remember was a board, a hammer, and a single nail.  He said "it all starts here, see if you can drive the nail straight into this piece of wood."  After a few tries, I succeeded and from there gained a passion for woodworking and creating custom crafts. 


Weldon J Sheltraw was my mentor and guide - the person who taught me to work with my hands, to dream big and to always be willing to try and learn.  To this day, his lessons continue to inspire me to pay attention to detail and build quality into every project I create.  As a customer of WJS Woodworking you can expect nothing less.

He always made time to listen, taught me to be a good listener, and to value people.   As a customer of WJS Woodworking, I will listen to your needs, and build your custom projects to your specifications. 


He was always willing to lend a helping hand whenever needed without complaint, and taught me to look for opportunities to help whoever and whenever it might be needed.  If you need a custom project completed, you can rely on WJS Woodworking to do it with quality and integrity.

Thanks for trusting WJS Woodworking with your custom woodworking projects.

Keith Krueger - Woodworker and Craftsman